Korean Celebrities Pay Tribute On The Anniversary Of The Sewol Ferry Tragedy

On April 16th, many Koreans took the time to pay tribute to the second anniversary of the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

In addition to posting on social media, many Korean celebrities also honored the victims of the tragic event by wearing yellow pins and accessories. The tragic accident claimed the lives of about three hundred passengers, many of whom were students of Danwon High School. And although two years have passed, many netizens still remember the day vividly and shared their memories with each other.

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[ +2112 / -170] REMEMBER 2014.4.16

[ +1688 / -121] I remember this like it as yesterday… I was happy whenever the rescue count was going up and being said whenever the death count was going up watch television with my family on a rainy day after school

[ +1432 / -112] If they were still alive today, some of them would be attending my college welcoming the Spring season.

Source: Sports Chosun