Korean Fans Discuss The BEST “We Got Married” Couple Of ALL TIME

Since its first broadcast in 2008, MBC reality show We Got Married has featured dozens of celebrity couples and charmed the hearts of fans all over the world.

And with Eric Nam and MAMAMOO‘s Solar set to join the show very soon, netizens discussed their favorite virtual couples from past seasons. And despite Red Velvet‘s Joy and BTOB‘s Sungjae having proved their incredible popularity, it seems that the couple of 2AM‘s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls‘s Ga In continues to be one of the most legendary We Got Married pairings of all time, with many netizens agreeing that the two were unforgettable as a couple.

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[ +329 / -27] Jokwon Gain couple is the best

[ +252 / -14] Gain and Jokwon is a couple I remember through all these years

[ +222 / -9] Seo In Young and Crown J

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