Korean Fans In AWE Of Rain And Kim Tae Hee’s PERFECT Relationship After Dog Photos Go VIRAL

Although Rain and Kim Tae Hee both have incredibly busy schedules, they continue to show that their relationship is still growing strong. 

In fact, media outlets recently caught what appeared to be the actress taking her boyfriend’s dog out for a walk. After seeing Kim Tae Hee and Rain’s dog, netizens expressed their respect for the long-lasting relationship, noting that the two celebrities must really be in love and that they really match each other very well.

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[ +1,082 / -72] It is great to see them together for a long time… And they don’t even media play themselves… They look good together

[ +864 / -40] Wow a media play about a dog is on top

[ +793 / -23] The dog walked Kim Tae Hee hahaha He is so big!

Source: Kukmin Ilbo