Korean girl DUMPS her boyfriend after G-Dragon’s recent breakup

Following news of BIGBANG G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara‘s recent breakup, screenshots of a couple’s KakaoTalk messages have gone viral in Korea.

Idol worship culture is a big part of the K-pop industry. Millions of fans around the world hold idols on pedestals, as objects of adoration. While most are realistic enough to know they will probably never meet their idols, much less date them, there are always those who never stop dreaming.

After G-Dragon and Kiko’s breakup, many fans secretly rejoiced at the notion of G-Dragon being single again. One man was dumped by his ex-girlfriend, and his KakaoTalk breakup conversation with her revealed the tragic, yet hilarious, reason.

Girlfriend: I’m sorry
Girlfriend: Let’s break up
Boyfriend: Out of the blue like this?
Boyfriend: Why?
Girlfriend: GD and Kiko broke up
Boyfriend: ???? What does that have anything to do with you??????
Girlfriend: I think the chance has come
Boyfriend: What are you talking about (message unread)
Boyfriend: My god are you serious? (message unread)

Boyfriend: Yo (message unread)
Boyfriend: ? (message unread)
Boyfriend: Pick up (message unread)
Boyfriend: Are you fxxxing kidding me? (message unread)

Source: Inven

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