How Korean guys think of GIRLS who are PRETTY vs UGLY

Netizens discuss why beauty is so important in life, especially when it comes to women in a recent post on a popular online community site called, Pann.

Importance of beauty is valued highly in Korean society. The standard of beauty has changed as k-pop idols are becoming the object of adoration among children and young adults. But which part of the physical traits in women are the most important?

On Pann, netizens discussed how differently women are treated depending on their appearance.

Titled “If Girls Are Pretty But Has Bad Personality,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“Even if the girls have bad personality, they are still popular if they are pretty. They may be selfish and use other people for their benefits, guys still like them and treat them like goddesses.”

“How males think when they see ugly and pretty girl with the same traits.”

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If the girls are tall:

Pretty girl: “Woah, she has great proportions. Awesome body.”

Ugly girl: “Girls are supposed to be small but she is like a dude.”


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If the girls are short:

Pretty girl: “Woah, she is so cute. I just want to bite her.”

Ugly girl: “She is ugly and short…, what a sad life.”


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If the girl is smart:

Pretty girl: “She is so perfect.. She is both pretty and smart”

Ugly girl: “She is so spiteful. Those type of girls always raise their voices against their mother-in-laws”


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If the girls dress well

Pretty girl: “Woah she has such a good fashion sense right? She really dresses well~.”

Ugly girl: “Of course ugly girls always try to show off with their clothes.”


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If the girls can’t dress well

Pretty girl: “Woah she is so innoncent and pure.”

Ugly girl: “She literally gave up on herself.”

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If the girls can dance well

Pretty girl: “Woah that is hot. I want to dance with her..”

Ugly girl: “Should just be in the corner, why is she in the middle?”


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If the girls have a bad personality

Pretty girl: “Yeah, girls need some personality to push and pull guys!”

Ugly girl: “If her face is ugly, she should have some good personality!”


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[ +39 / -5] Of course hahahaha Even males are popular even if they’re good looking but jackasses hahaha They get the title of being a ‘bad guy’ hahaha For men or women, this is something that cannot be fixed. It’s like how people shop for prettier things even if the product offers less convenience for the money.

[ +29 / -1] So sad haha this goes same for both men and women

[ +13 / -7] This is the same for men. Even if the guy is a jackass, girls like them if he is hot???

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