Korean husband writes about his cute and adorable pregnant wife

Netizens rave over a post written by a Korean husband about his cute and adorable pregnant wifePann is often regarded as an online community full of posts regarding advice-seekers, problems, suspicions, rumors and accusations. But sometimes, users post their daily lives that netizens rave over. For example, some users post about their marriage lives or their loved ones.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens rave over a Korean man who writes about his pregnant wife.

Titled “My Wife Is Pregnant But She Is So Cute,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“I write this post because I’m soon to be a father!!

My wife is 8 years younger than me and her parents

opposed the wedding but now we are married and we even have a child!

My wife is on her 23rd week of pregnancy haha”

“I guess I can say my wife is very independent?

She always wants to do everything on her own.

But after being pregnant and having a full stomach, she has a hard time

putting on her own socks.

I don’t know why I find it so cute when she kind of tears up

complaining that she can’t put on her own sucks hahahahaha

I really found my wife so cute that when she whined,

I accidentally laughed haha

So I helped her put on her socks since she couldn’t.

I really love taking care of her haha

I even comforted her not to cry.”


“It was my wife’s birthday a month ago.

So i made her the traditional seaweed soup for her birthday.

But she only kept eating the beef and soup.

So I asked her ‘why aren’t you eating the seaweed?’

She answered ‘but our baby doesn’t want to eat seaweed’  hahahahahahahaha

I really found her adorable hahaha

But because she had severe morning sicknesses,

she was still so beautiful only eating beef and soup haha

I even brought her cake and she loved it claiming it was yummy haha”


“My wife is 25 and being a mother already,

she is still young you know?

I guess she had that mindset built in not wanting to get fat during pregnancy.

One night, she was watching television.

And she was watching the home shopping channel selling food.

They were selling dumplings and beef cake on television.

She was tuned into that channel so

I asked her ‘do you want some?’ and she nodded saying no.

I can’t believe how cute she looked…”


“I am over 30 so I wanted a child as soon as possible but I was always hesitant to tell my wife.

My wife is so young and it felt as it was a one-sided request.

But amazingly, our baby came to us very quickly and

I am really happy.

When I was young, my dream was to be a father

because I don’t have much memory with my own father.

He always came in late at night and left very early in the morning…

And when I was in middle school, my parents divorced.”
“With our financial situation not being that stable,

I’m really thankful to wife in trusting me to marrying me.

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see my wife

as if we are still dating. She has the deepest heart…

It feels as if I have so much to learn from her despite her young age.

She is so adorable washing strawberries with her tiny hands… She looks like a hamster haha

She is so cute when she walks around the house haha

She seems like a lovely bunny hahaha”

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[ +698 / -13] I’m so jealous that I am a little annoyed hahaha

[ +528 / -8] Don’t change your heart and please love your wife the way you do after she gives birth. Be happy ^^

[ +459 / -5] Help her a lot after she gives birth~ You guys look so happy haha

[ +223 / -1] What? What is this generosity of people in this Pann war zone

[ +130 / 0] Ah I’m annoyed.. This is just way too cute

[ +113 / 0] Mr~ Please love your wife the way you do. Women get confident when they get love from her husband. They get strengths to do anything. I’m actually thankful seeing you guys live this way~

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