Korean media “The Fact” to release breaking news on Christmas Eve

Korean media organization, The Fact, also known as Sports Seoul, has revealed through Twitter that they will be releasing breaking news on December 24th KST.

Initially, the organization sent a tweet through their official account revealing that they would be releasing a recap article of all the exclusive news that they had in 2014. The tweet reads, “[Exclusive Trailer]<The Fact>Final Exclusive Parade! Coming on the 24th> ‘Exclusive!Exclusive!Exclusive!’ <The Fact> will be releasing the final parade of all 2014 exclusives on the 24th of December.”

The photo that accompanied the tweet contained photos of the breaking news The Fact has revealed in 2014, including popular artists like Girls’ Generation Tiffany x 2pm Nichkhun, Girls’ Generation Sooyoung x Jung Kyung Ho, Ji JihunBrown Eyed Girls Ga In and more.

In an article released by The Fact, the media company states, “[We] have found a fact that isn’t an ‘Incomplete being’ (Misaeng) but a ‘Complete Being'(Wansaeng),” hinting that it may involve the cast of popular drama series, Misaeng, starring Yim Siwan and Kang Sora. 

Stay tuned for the exclusive update by The Fact on Koreaboo.com today!

Source: The Fact