[★BREAKING] Korean military put on highest alert level: “DEFCON”

South Korea has put its military on its highest alert level, similar to the DEFCON system in the United States, after being fired upon by North Korea.

On August 20th KST, South Korea received fire from North Korean artillery in several of their military locations. Since then, tensions has been rising between the two countries that have been at a ceasefire for over 60 years, since the Korean War in 1950.

Initially, the South Korean military returned fire and ordered 6 of their military camps to be on a “Jindogae 1” status. The Jindogae 1 status entails that these 6 camps are on highest alert possible and all available military personnel in the area (soldiers, police, as well as the reserve soldiers) are expected to report for duty.

10 minutes ago at 8:33 KST, the Korean military issued a new order and now all military personnel are to have their firearms available and dressed in full military gear to await further orders.

Source: EDaily