Korean police in search of water park hidden cam suspects

Korean police forces have started investigations regarding the illegal hidden camera videos that hit the internet.

Earlier we reported that Koreans were furious after an illegal hidden camera video of a water park’s women’s shower emerged on various international websites. Just after two days, the Yongin Police Department was notified of the news and the alleged suspect that was found in the video.

In the video, a girl in her 20s is seen holding a hidden cam device that look like a cell phone. She went around the shower room and the locker room holding what seems like a cell phone video taping not only young adults also minors.


Although the girl is the only suspect seen in the video, the police department is being cautious on whether she acted solely or was directed by other suspects. The police have begun their investigations and search for the girl as well as other suspects involved. But they also showed that it will be a difficult process to find the person who uploaded it since most of the videos were circulated around international websites.

Source: News1

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