Korean singer’s sudden mysterious death right before comeback shocks public

On August 4, 2015, singer Yeon Kyu Sung wrote on his Facebook, “My beloved sister and colleague Do Eun Young passed into the sky yesterday on the 3rd.”

On June 11th, Do Eun Young revealed to her fans that she would soon be making a comeback stating, “Starting anew, singer Do Eun Young.”

Yeon Kyu Sung stated, “She has been a colleague of mine ever since ‘Audition Box’ and she had even finished filming the music video and recording of her new rendition of ‘Sad Melody’. She was just waiting for the release and we even met up and she was all smiles. I can’t believe this.”

The cause of her death is currently unknown but it has been revealed that she was suffering from severe depression since 2006.

Source: Donga Finance