Korean students discuss MEN who wear makeup

South Korea is known as one of the world’s top leaders in cosmetics, drawing in customers from all over the world.

Even with the popularity of makeup in the country, however, there are still some reservations regarding makeup on boys and men. In a recent post on Pann, however, a young male student brought up the topic, drawing in a lot of responses from his peers online.

The good-looking kids around me all secretly use BB cream and tint. 

There’s a student in 1st grade who’s ridiculously handsome, and he wrote on his Facebook page that he was using BB cream. 

So guys use makeup to, it’s not just meㅋㅋ
Even the idol that I like,  
Song Minoㅋㅋ


[+ 151, – 3] They did bag checks (Korean schools do this to prevent students from smoking/drinking) recently and this reallly good looking guy in our class had a pouch ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I burst out and everyone looked so flustered…

[+ 142, – 30] Girls go through so much like plastic surgery and make up to look better but guys don’t do anything. I wish guys would take more care of themselves.

[+ 110, – 2] Everyone including guys want to look good.

Source: Pann