Korean Teenager Is Bewildered By His Sister’s FILTHY HABITS In VIRAL Pann Post

Netizens discuss and answer a Korean male’s dilemma regarding all females

Internet has become not only a place to search already existing information but to seek advice and answers from other fellow netizens. Could internet really be as reliable as it seems when asking personal or life questions?

Originally posted on Pann, a male netizen asks if his sister’s case is the same for all females.

Titled “Are Girls All Like This?” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“Hello I’m an ordinary 19 year old male.


I have a 18 year old younger sister. I attend an all male school because I’m an athlete and go to learning centers full of males. Only females in my life are my sister and mother.

But I have recently run into a life crisis… My sister is so messy and dirty at home.

She wasn’t like this at first but she has recently become so dirty..

I don’t see her showering at all when she is home during breaks from school hahahahahaha

She wouldn’t shower so much so when I asked her to shower, she asked me why she should shower if she isn’t going out.

Then, she starts scratching her butt, hair and other areas of her body..

Even when she wakes up, she doesn’t even wash her face and lays on the sofa or bed to play with her iPad or phone.. I think she also farts around 20 times a day.. Her intestines are very active…. She also eats so much.. Her room is full of so many bags of chips.. Her room looks like a trash bin….

But what is more scary is that she completely changes to another person when she goes out… She showers for over an hour, applies make up and becomes a different person…

After I saw her, I even thought my sister was pretty and I had chills hahahaha.

I just wanted to ask if all normal girls I see outside are all like this at their homes…

My sister even has a boyfriend…. I really feel bad for him since he doesn’t know anything going on at our home…

I always ask her if she is the only one like this and if other girls aren’t like this. She then laughs and answers me ‘you really don’t think other girls aren’t like this?’

I haven’t even met a girl yet…

But through my sister, my fantasies of girls are breaking…..

It is only my sister who is like this right? Tell me that is correct..”

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Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +1221 / -16] I’m a female who now studies about Socrates and Plato… I even knit at home and never wipe my butt without my European handkerchief with flowers on them… I can’t even imagine wiping it without any handkerchief with flower designs… Of course, I never use the same handkerchief ever again.. When I’m home, I usually play my violin or drink tea while reading.. I’m also learning the ways of tea ceremony these days. I also have learned how to cook Korean, American, Chinese and Japanese to prepare for all of my guests. ^^

[ +881 / -16] As a woman, I was surprised by your sister ^^ These days, I’m reading and learning yoga ^^ I don’t eat anything other than dew… ^^ I shower at least 3 times a day^^ Morning, afternoon and night ^^ And I never have farted in my life so I wouldn’t know about that ^^ Oh and top comment person! You wipe your butt with handkerchiefs in flower designs? ^^ I use one with bears ^^ Let’s share handkerchiefs ^^ Now I’m going to leave now bye bye bye~ ^^

[ +746 / -10] There are girls like that in the world? My friends and I really wash at least 10 times a day… Women don’t fart, burp nor poop.. Ah!! Maybe your sister is acting in order to get close to her brother no?

Source: Pann