Korean woman seeks advice after being shamed for smoking cigarette in public

Korean women discuss the societal pressures in regards to being allowed to smoke freely.

Although Korean society has become one of the most prominent and prospering countries in the world being top 15 in most categories, there are still exist problems of sexism and racism. More and more Korean women are working and there are more and more families with working parents. But are there still problems we face in terms of sexism towards women in Korea?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss whether Korean women are not permitted to smoke freely and must yield caution doing so.

Titled “Can’t Women Smoke Cigarettes?” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“It is exactly like the title itself

For me, I smoke cigarettes because I can’t drink and stressed out at work. It wasn’t because of curiosity

and I just started depending on it after learning it myself.

But why are people perceiving me as a bad person when I smoke?

Are all smokers play-girls??

I was just smoking in the smoking section

and some grandpa passes me by

glaring at me and tsk’ing at me…

Even he smoked too…

But I really don’t understand why this has to happen

Of course I know smoking is bad.

But its not like it’s illegal…

I honest don’t think it is anything bad…

Because I was so frustrated, I write here for some opinions..

I’m really just an ordinary girl.

I never even dated often.

I’m a woman who believes keeping virginity til marriage.

I didn’t even drink in school.

And I didn’t even smoke until I was of age… I’m asking because I’m just curious.

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[ +155 / -24] I’m a non-smoker woman but I don’t know why people shame women who smoke. Like you said, it isn’t illegal so why? Cigarettes are products like coffee. Of course, I don’t like people who smoke while walking in the streets harming others but I don’t know why people don’t shame men who smoke but shame women who do. It shouldn’t be others’ business.

[ +118 / -11] Hey writer of the post…. don’t try to find rights for women smoking… everyone on Pann is disgusted by women who smoke.. I personally think it is up to the person’s decision. If you could endure how others see you, then smoke. But if not, you should just quit. Don’t be a cigarette’s slave and choose your own timings for smoking. Don’t harm non-smokers around you. Others don’t live your life but only you can so you don’t need any other peoples’ permission to do anything.

[ +54 / -383] If women want to smoke, then smoke.. but why can’t men wear skirts?? If I’m your boyfriend, you’re not going to let me wear skirts right?? It’s not like there is a law that men can’t wear skirts.. but why can’t I wear skirts? Why can women smoke but men cannot wear skirts?

[ +38 / -5] I don’t like men or women who smoke

[ +37 / -3] There are so many bullshit comments. People said women bear children so it is bad for them? What about about men???? Don’t they provide the seed? Why do some dumbasses think women get pregnant by themselves… And in documentaries, cigarettes don’t disappear even if you wash your hands so it disgusts me that men touch their own child after smoking. Personally, I don’t like men or women who smoke.. It turns me off when someone who is good looking or beautiful smokes. I know some people smoke with manners and want to quit.. But it is true that most people don’t have those manners. Please stop smoking in the streets walking.. I really want to put a bag over their heads. Last time, I met with a non-smoker and 3 smokers together and they literally smoked all night at the table. I was giving them signs not to smoke. But are they crazy? They quit afterwards.

Source: Pann, Comment: Pann