Korean women discuss pet peeves that only bother women

Korean netizens gather to discuss series of pet peeves that would only piss off women.

Pet peeves vary amongst people because different things bother and annoy person to person. Pet peeves can vary from how another person acts, sounds to a happening that a person may find annoying or bothersome. But are there certain pet peeves that only bother women?

Originally posted on Instiz, Korean women discuss pet peeves that only women find annoying.

Titled “The Things That Only Piss Off Women,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.






“Wow hul..”

“That is pain..”

“Ah.. I really hate that….”

“The last one…. hah….”

“I really hate when the last one happens….. :(“

“Ah the last one hahahahahahahahaha I got a scar from that”

“Even looking at it… pisses me off.. T_T”

“I can really relate to the last one”

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