Koreans Claim To Have Found Evidence That Park Yoochun Is Obsessed With Toilets

On a popular online community called Theqoo, a post was recently updated recalling Park Yoochun‘s radio appearance on a Japanese radio show. Koreans have discovered something very interesting which a lot of netizens claim hinted at Yoochun’s obsession with toilets

On the show, Yoochun was asked to discuss what came to mind when he heard the word “beautiful”. In response, he answered “conversation”, “toilets” and “sighs”.

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Below is a translation of the conversation between Yoochun and the DJ.

DJ: Today is the “beautiful” series
Yoochun: Okay
DJ: What comes to mind when you think of “beautiful” 3 things
Yoochun: 3?
DJ: Yes, it can be a word or a thing
Yoochun: Anything is okay?
DJ: Yes anything.
Yoochun: Conversation
DJ: Conversation~ok
Yoochun: Conversation….Toilet?
DJ: ……Toilet? This is going to be scored…
Yoochun: ㅋㅋㅋ and Sighs.

In light of recent events, many netizens are claiming that this conversation hints that Yoochun has an odd obsession with toilets since toilets and the word “beautiful” do not seem to have much in common.

Source: Theqoo