Koreans react to news of same-sex marriage legalization in the USA

In a historic announcement, the Supreme Court of the United States of America announced that same-sex marriage would be legal across all states. Koreans quickly took to SNS to react to the news.

While the news was specific to the US, Koreans were also quick to share their thoughts and comments on the announcement. Koreaboo has translated some of them to provide international fans some insight on how Koreans feel on this issue:

[+ 791, – 386] Within the last month, gay marriage was legalized in Ireland, Mexico and US. In November, they’re putting it to a vote in Australia as well. The list of countries where gay mariage is legal – Netherlands, Belgium…etc. Where gay marriage is not legal but gay couples receive the same benefits as normal couples – Gemany, Austria, Swiss….- These places are ever increasing

[+ 510, -106] Is this comment thread riddled with idiots..ㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 737, -373] The protestant community is coming

[+ 766, -421] I feel like for Korea topics like this will take like 50 years to come up…and 100 years to be passed ㅋㅋㅋ that’s how conservative our country is

[+481, -249] Wow Daebak !!!

[+213, -180] People were made to have sex with the other gender

[+209, -78] It’s horrible how people try to see the world purely from their perspective

[+185, -83] The first country to lawfully respect the freedom of religion US….such quality has not changed decades down the road

[+175, -143] We can’t stop it but I cannot let homosexuality become the norm and have that be a part of the education. If homosexuality was normal that wouldn’t be necessary but in countries where gay marriage is legalized they give them special rights under the name of “protection”. Enforcing what is right and wrong through education, and teaching kids that such a thing is normal I cannot let that happen.

[+44. -12] Do you have to be pro gay to be progressive and enlightened?

Source: Yeonhap News