Koreans referring to supermarkets as “Suzy tours”

With Suzy‘s captivating visuals and overwhelming popularity, just about every brand seems to be wanting her to model for them.

One netizen noticed that when going to the supermarket, Suzy seems to be modeling for almost every single product. From coffee to lotion, just about every brand wants to have the miss A member endorse their product. Although other celebrities may be on the rise, the presence of Suzy’s face on almost every major daily product really emphasizes her status as one of the nation’s top celebrities.

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[+ 292, – 47] Suzy is now 22. She has a BMW, built a cafe for her mom in her home town, brought all her family to a nice apartment in Samsung Dong and even built a Taekwondo Dojo for her father. Even if all you haters keep saying she’s all just a bubble, she has earned ridiculous amounts of money and will continue to. So please don’t waste your energy leaving your hatred here.

[+ 192, – 34] She is irrefutably the top female idol

[+ 184, – 76] She’s pretty, sings well, has good personality honestly there’s a reason she’s at the top…Honestly she feels like something beyond just an idol now.


Source: Pann