Korea’s top producer Duble Sidekick surprises with amazing vocals

Released on October 27th, this track by a member of the top production team Duble Sidekick has been a netizen favorite due to the unexpectedly amazing vocal talent behind the already popular producing abilities.

Chancellor’s “Better” has been well received by fans for its picturesque take on road trip scenery and its simple and refreshing spin on long distance relationships. Elements of the American wild west can be seen as the sky lights on fire at sunset and through the openness of the canyons.

His smooth, soothing R&B vocals are accompanied primarily by an acoustic guitar and a looping beat, sure to make netizens fall in love. Many have reacted with positive comments regarding the sweet track, leaving messages of encouragement for the producer-singer.

Prior to this, Chancellor also released “Son E Ga” featuring Bum Key, which was also received with a warm welcome by fans. As revealed through his replies to some of these comments, Chancellor’s album is expected to be released sometime in December.

Take a listen here and check out some comments below:

2 DAYS “better” M/V directed by @pdeebell 2015.10.28

A photo posted by Chancellor (챈슬러) (@chancellorofficial) on

10월 28일 12pm (낮 12시) “Better” The official video is coming.. A photo posted by Chancellor (챈슬러) (@chancellorofficial) on

1. “What a breath of fresh air! I was expecting a cheesy korean love song or another lame kpop song but boy was I wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Korean sing like this before. Chancellor’s MV has an old school R&B vibe which perfectly complement his smoooth voice. “

2. “Chancellor/Chance well done bro.. I’ve always loved your voice & style.. keep it up! Also im trying to get your video promoted on 1TheK. hope they listen lol.. PS – When’s the album dropping? I hope there’s a featuring from Young Sky & Peter.

3. “Your musicality and your talent are ridiculous. Korea’s music industry desperately needs you.

4. “Holy shit that voice though. My goodness you killed me. Listening to this song was just so calming and amazing. I have no words to express it properly. You just left me speechless. I’m glad I decided to listen to this because damn, I’d be missing out on some good stuff if I didn’t.”