Kwak Jineon and Kim Feel drop “Geum Soon Be Strong” MV for “Ode to My Father”

Singers Kwak Jineon and Kim Feel collaborate for their music video “Geum Soon Be Strong” for the movie Ode to My Father.

Displaying the brutal lives of the people, the movie Ode to My Father centers around the hardships of people’s lives during the Korean War. The popular movie was released on December 17th  and is expected to reach 5 million views by December 31st.

In the music video for “Geum Soon Be Strong,” Kwak Jineon and Kim Feel sing their hearts out as scenes from the movie play out in separate clips. The music video reveals a few of the circumstances that the characters in the movie face.

With an immense amount of emotions and stories depicted in the music video alone, Kwak Jineon and Kim Feel help heighten the effects with their powerful vocals while also telling the people to stay strong and endure their hardships.

Take a look at the powerful music video below: