Kwangsoo joins Instagram with hilarious first post!

Popular variety entertainer and actor Lee Kwangsoo has decided to interact with his fans through another networking platform by creating a personal Instagram account!

Creating the account with a username “masijacoke850714, Kwangsoo used an ID name similar to his Twitter account, which has a literal meaning of “Let’s drink coke” as seen with his amazing performance of drinking coke on Running Man and also including his birthdate July 14th, 1985.

Kwangsoo shared his first Instagram post on the night of March 7th, with a photo of him fully covered with mud as he showed his variety professionalism on Running Man’s recent special idol episode. He then complemented his photo with a humorous caption, “#Ijustdontknowhowtousethis #Iwanttosuccessfullyuploadaphoto #WillIbeabletodoso?”

Kwangsoo started following his fellow Running Man member Kim Jong Kook. Kwangsoo also confirmed that the account is official as he linked it to his current Twitter account.

In other news, Kwangsoo has taken up a new acting role as the male lead for upcoming Korean movie Mutant.