Kyuhyun serenades lucky fans “At Gwanghwamun”

On November 28th, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun fulfilled his promise of performing his solo track “At Gwanghwamun” at the very location the title pays tribute to.

The song has achieved great popularity, taking home multiple first place trophies on different music charts and shows. Thus, the artist paid a visit to Gwanghwamun to sing the chart-topper live.

The video begins with a special message from Kyuhyun himself before he launches his mission to sing the song to the various fans and people passing by. Although he encounters some who may have been a tad shy, the artist eventually found those who were willing to stop and listen to his song.

With each listener, he cutely introduced himself before pulling out his phone with which he played the background instrumental. Despite the outdoor and seemingly random circumstances, Kyuhyun still wowed with his vocal talents, successfully delivering “At Gwanghwamun” at Gwanghwamun. The lucky audiences were even given signed copies of his solo album, making the experience fun all around.

Check out his video below: