Kyungri was spotted with a new hairstyle and it left her fans going crazy

Fans are going crazy over Kyungri’s latest hairstyle after the Nine Muses member was photographed sporting the new do. 

On July 21st, a number of fans managed to catch the singer publicly and caught a few photos of her sporting her new, long, blonde hairstyle. As the photos circulated online, it immediately became a big hit having maintained black locks all throughout her promotions in the past.

Fans also revealed that this is the first time that Kyungri dyed her hair blonde, leaving others to rave that the colour may be one of her best yet.

Meanwhile, Kyungri is one of the four members joining Nine Muses A, a retro-inspired, project unit of the group. The music video was shot today with the group aiming to return on August 4th.

Image: Pann
Image: Pann

Source: Pann