LABOUM completes individual teaser releases with Haein and Yulhee

The remaining two member’s official individual teasers has been released as girl group LABOUM prepares to make a new comeback with their 4th single Fresh Adventure.

Released on March 24th via their SNS accounts, the member Haein and Yulhee take on a school girl-ish look while still emitting a natural look for their single. While Haein sits on a doorstep and leans her head to the side as she looks at the camera, Yulhee looks back as she sits on her bicycle.

Fresh Adventure will be released on April 6th.

Image: LABOUM Yulhee / LABOUM's Facebook
Image: LABOUM Yulhee / LABOUM’s Facebook

Image: LABOUM Haein / LABOUM's Facebook
Image: LABOUM Haein / LABOUM’s Facebook