LABOUM’s Haein and Yulhee are sexy in white for “Sugar Sugar” teaser

On March 17th, LABOUM revealed a third set of image teasers for the group’s upcoming “Sugar Sugar” comeback for members Haein and Yulhee.

Following the concept established in previous teasers for ZN, Soyeon, Solbin, and Yujeong, the two members are dressed in white outfits while leaning against a wall. Taking similar positions, they show mysterious and sexy expressions. The camera angle includes parts of a doorframe, creating an even more alluring shot.

Yulhee dons a looser, longer outfit. Her unique collar and long sleeves pair well with her slightly ruffled black hair and dark makeup. On the other hand, Yulhee seems to be dressed in only a long white collared shirt. Her right hand is held close to her face, brushing her hair. Both girls give the camera deep, dark gazes that highlight their captivating auras.

LABOUM’s 2nd single Sugar Sugar will be released on March 27th.

Take a look at their photos here: