Latest Photo Of TWICE’s Tzuyu Goes VIRAL In Korea For “No Joke” Beauty

Although TWICE‘s Tzuyu is already known for being a top beauty despite being just a rookie, netizens were still in awe after seeing recent photos of the singer. 

Upon seeing a photo of the singer uploaded to cheer fans on through the new year, netizens vocally expressed their appreciation for her incredible visuals despite her young age. In addition to praise for her beauty, many netizens also voiced their support for the young JYP Entertainment singer. However, some added that perhaps the singer should use lighter makeup to better compliment her youthful complexion.


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[+ 2364, – 150] Fightin Tzuyu you’ve done NOTHING wrong

[+ 1682, – 143] Tzuyu’s beauty is no joke…

[+ 1526, – 122] Tzuyu you’re so beautiful I’m always cheering for you!!

[+ 1158, – 102] Beautiful as always!! I hope to see more of you this year!!

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