Leader unit Jimin N J.Don show off their amazing rap talent in “GOD” MV

The first FNC rap unit has dropped their anticipated “GOD” music video.

Consisting of AOA‘s Jimin and N.Flying‘s J.Don, also known as Seunghyub, the two drop an epic rap/hip-hop track on April 28th. Coincidentally (or not), both Jimin and J.Don are the leaders of their respective group/band.

“GOD” is another track with a sick beat that is combined with the rhythmic rap of Jimin and J.Don, and produced by BrandNew Music‘s Rhymer and producer ASSBRASS, who were also behind the creation of Jimin’s hit track “Puss.”

Jimin N J.Don are the first unit of the FNC Entertainment “N Project,” which aims to help FNC artists challenge their musical abilities through collaboration.