[★BREAKING] Leaked Footage Shows Seo In Young Verbally Assaulting Staff Members

Seo In Young is facing heavy criticism in Korea for a leaked video that shows her verbally abusing staff members while filming for a reality TV show.

The former Jewelry girl-group member, who also went by the name of Elly has been involved in numerous controversies for her alleged attitude problem in the past. Now, she’s being outed as the reason for JTBC’s reality show, With You: Season 2‘s cancellation.

The show is basically the cable version of NBC’s virtual marriage show, We Got Married. Seo In Young was originally paired with Crown J on We Got Married and were nicknamed the Ant Couple for their amazing chemistry on camera. The couple were a fan favorite amongst viewers and gained attention for their realistic dating scenes.

Seo In Young and Crown J then reprised their roles as a couple for With You: Season 2 a few years after their original appearance on We Got Married.

However, just two months after being on air the couple’s appearance on the show was abruptly cancelled without any clear explanations.

Representatives from jTBC revealed to media that the decision to cancel their appearance on the program was a mutual decision by Seo In Young and Crown J after a romantic trip to Dubai. The two apparently decided to remain as friends and “not lovers”. This is an extremely odd reason to give, when the whole premise of the show is a virtual relationship between two friends.

Now, the real reason behind the departure of the couple has been revealed by an anonymous staff member who was part of the program.

The staff member uploaded their recount of what truly happened in Dubai for the filming of JTBC‘s With You: Season 2, involving Seo In Young and Crown J. The post goes into extreme detail about Seo In Young verbally assaulting a staff member and even contains a video of the incident.

“As someone who witnessed the whole ordeal at the Dubai filming location, among the many people there, I have decided to tell the whole truth behind what happened. Especially after seeing articles about how the ‘Ant Couple’ dropped out of show, and Seo In Young’s self-victimizing post on social media.

First and foremost, our staff honestly had a very tough time dealing with Seo In Young and her frequent complaints. I heard the rumors of her personality, but she showed us she didn’t care about anyone but herself. She would constantly change the schedule the day before we were meant to film. She would often not open the door to let anyone inside and made us freeze outside in the cold weather for a minimum of two hours [before letting us in].”

— Anonymous jTBC Staff

The post continued on to list multiple incidents and reasons as to why Seo In Young was extremely difficult to work with and caused the cancellation of the couples appearance on With You: Season 2.

The translated post by Koreaboo is below:

“1. We planned to seat the Ant Couple and two tourism workers in business class, while the rest of the staff sat in economy. But when we arrived at Incheon International Airport, Seo In Young insisted she couldn’t travel in business class, and demanded we upgrade her in to first class. (On top of that, she demanded we upgrade her seat in Emirates using Korean Air Mileage ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.)

2. Due to our budget, the Ant Couple were to stay at the Palazzo Versace Hotel for only 2 days, and the first day was meant to be spent with the staff at another hotel, but Seo Inyoung cussed at the tourism staff and said, ‘I can’t sleep in this shitty hotel,’ and asked them to book the Palazzo Versace for her.

3. We told her of the filming schedule before we even left for Dubai multiple times, but suddenly she started complaining that it was too hectic and demanded we cancel [filming]. She gave us excuses like, ‘I can’t film like this,’ ‘If I don’t get enough sleep I’m not filming,’ and ‘You’re going overboard asking me to film all night.’ If you were going to be like this why’d you even come to film????? And actually, what’s with cancelling the schedule all of a sudden when you knew about it beforehand? (We cancelled in the end.)

4. Whenever we were on standby for filming, Seo Inyoung would always arrive an hour late. She would say, ‘this is just a waste of breath.’

5. On December 31, we were at a place where the world’s greatest New Years fireworks would take place so there were a lot of people, and Crown J and Seo In Young had to change clothes so we had some luggage [with us]. Seo In Young made the main writer hold all of her stuff. As if that wasn’t enough, she said she forgot her underwear and made the main writer go and buy one. The main writer went through the huge crowd with all of Seo Inyoung’s stuff in her hands to buy her a pair of underwearㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. After finally filming the fireworks and heading back home…. There were too many people so we got separated in to two groups. But we knew this would happen so we had already planned earlier on [in the day] to meet up in front of Palace Hotel.

But the group that was with Seo In Young had come across a road that was blocked off so they headed to Dubai Mall. The group with the main writer and Crown J were behind them, but within minutes, the road was opened again and they were able to go straight to the Palace Hotel. So we were waiting and waiting but this is when Seo In Young let looseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She asked why there wasn’t a car waiting for her before she even arrived, she complained that we made her walk a lot, and demanded to know how we could treat her like this… (FYI the reason why there wasn’t a car waiting for her is because Dubai had closed off all the roads. It was New Years so traffic was at a standstill.) Then an hour later…. Everyone finally met up in front of Palace Hotel, and as soon as Seo Inyoung saw the main writer, she shoved her face in the writers face and started cussing her out.

Upon seeing her like that, Crown J ran up to Seo In Young but she cussed him out too, so the other female PD escorted Crown J into the lobby of the hotel.”

— Anonymous Staff Member

The anonymous staff member also revealed a short dialogue between Seo In Young and the main writer of the show, who is a mother and much older than Seo In Young. It’s extremely disrespectful in Korean culture for anyone who is younger to speak to an older, senior staff member in this way.

Regardless if they are a celebrity or not, attacking and abusing an older mother-figure is considered an extremely offensive act.

Here is the translation of the anonymous staff members account of the conversation between Seo In Young and the Main Writer of With You: Season 2.

Seo In Young: Fuck, what the fuck is going on?

Main writer: (swallowing her anger) …What’s wrong? Well, it’s all my fault In Young… Calm down… Our staff didn’t prepare the schedule well so it’s hectic… I apologize…

Seo In Young: What? Fuck!!!!! If this is your fault, you deserve to die!!! You’ve committed a deathly sin against me, fuck!!!

The anonymous staff member explained that the rest of the crew were stunned at Seo In Young’s words and were left speechless. Seo In Young then took her hairdresser and manager and disappeared after the incident.

The video uploaded and attached to the original post captured the moment Seo In Young walked off with her hairdresser and manager. There was still another day of filming remaining when this incident occurred.

The second image attached to the original post is the photo Seo In Young uploaded to her Instagram account 8~9 days after returning from Dubai. The image is captioned, “Those who are weak can never forgive anyone, forgiveness is a privilege of the strong.” 


The third image shows a set of screenshots from a film that says, “I want to be in love where it may be uncomfortable and even harmful, but you can’t live without each other.”


Koreaboo has translated some key moments from the leaked video where Seo In Young is clearly heard swearing and verbally assaulting the staff members.

Seo Inyoung: You hurry out and tell them to go to the hotel and get started on checking in. Tell them to start checking in and you hurry up and get over here. Before I f**king explode.

Watch the original video below:



Towards the end of the original post by the anonymous staff member, they reveal more shocking information about Seo In Young’s behavior:

“The main writer and main PD went to her hotel room door early in the morning, and she refused to open the door for them, even though they continuously knocked. Seo In Young then she would be going back to Korea on her own without filming the rest of the show. So in the end, our last filming schedule was cancelled ㅎㅎㅎㅎ. So on the last day only Crown J filmed in the desert, and Seo In Young used her personal funds to fly back home.

But the most shocking thing of all is that she left her own hairdresser at the hotel by herself and only took the manager with her.”

They concluded the post with their personal opinion of Seo Inyoung being “human trash,” and that they had worked with many celebrities, but never with someone like Seo Inyoung.

Latest Updates (Crown J’s Statement)

Crown J has now spoken up about this incident around 2 hours after Korean media began picking up this anonymous post and published it.

Initially, Crown J did not want to speak up about the issue and bring attention to himself. The rapper has faced serious controversy in the past for an incident involving alleged marijuana usage in Korea.

“I just found out the gravity of the situation through reports but I don’t think I should comment on the situation. I’ve been through a bad situation in the past but she isn’t like me. I cannot say anything lightly. Please understand.”

— Crown J

However, his agency Fly Boy Entertainment responded to media shortly afterwards with a clearer statement regarding the incident. The company revealed that the leaked video was not the only time Seo In Young had quarrelled with a staff member.

“Crown J often acted as the mediator between the writer and Seo In Young in an attempt to continue filming so it is sad that this kind of incident resulted. He wasn’t aware that she was going to be flying back to Korea so he didn’t even have time to stop her. He was very confused by the entire thing but he finished filming and returned to Seoul the next day. He is going to be focusing on his music that he put on hold for the duration of the filming.”

— Fly Boy Entertainment

Fly Boy Entertainment’s statement seemed to confirm the entire story and confirm the anonymous staff members’ post as being accurate. Due to this, Seo In Young’s agency released a statement on the controversy as well.

Seo In Young’s agency confirmed that the recording was real and it was in fact Seo In Young in the video.

“During the filming of the show in Dubai, where the incident took place, only one of our company’s managers went with Seo In Young. The only thing we can currently confirm is that at the time of the leaked recording that surfaced online, our manager was not with Seo In Young. We will release additional statements when we have confirmed more details.”

Stare Empire later released a full statement on the situation which has been translated in the link below:

Source: InstizSports World and Koreaboo