LEDApple reveals photos of Kei in the recording room

Starkim Entertainment rock band LEDApple recently teased fans with several photos of group member Kei in the recording room, hinting that the group could be making a comeback soon. 

The group uploaded several photos of Kei recording onto their official Facebook page, with each photo just captioned “Kei recording.” Although the group has not released any official statements regarding what the singer was recording for, fans are already excited for the group’s next release.

In the teaser photos, Kei can be seen wearing a hoodie and beanie, perfect for the currently cold winter weather. From his poses in the photos, however, it appears that the track might be a hip hop one.

LEDApple recently revealed two new members after three of the members left the group. Now a four member group, LEDApple also recently released a group photo and a video message. After seeing the photos of Kei in the recording room, fans of the group are definitely excited for a comeback.

Check out the photos of LEDApple’s Kei recording below!