Lee Byung Hun under fire for giving speech at friend’s wedding

After media reports that the Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung couple was giving a speech at a wedding, netizens gathered to discuss the news.

The media revealed a picture of the couple who was giving a congratulatory speech at a friend’s wedding. Matching in black, the couple gave the speech with bright faces. This was the first time the couple has appeared in an event since attending the Los Angeles movie premiere for Terminator: Genisys.

lee byung hun lee min jung

After articles flooded Korean news portals, netizens gathered to discuss the event.

[+2058, -72 ] Really how many fake faces does Lee Byung Hun have? hahahahahhahahahahahahah how does he congratulate someone else’s wedding. Anyone cannot be a celebrity~

[+1736, -63] Congratulate speech..? Mr Lee Santa Claus has the rights to congratulate someone else’s wedding.. how embarrassing

[+1307, -52] He’s doing well in his business (acting)

[+108, -2] I think the person who asked him to ask the congratulate speech is even bolder

[+94, -4] After seeing this, Lee Min Jung is weird as well. Lee Byung Hun is already known to have a bold personality but how does Lee Min Jung follow him there to congratulate a couple tsk tsk. Do they not know what others will say?

[+84,  -4] Well the couple’s job is to act

Source: My Daily via Nate