Lee Chae Young talks about Lee Tae Im and Clara on “Radio Star”

Lee Chae Young’s comments about her fellow actresses, Lee Tae Im and Clara, on the recent broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, has garnered much attention!

On November 12th, Lee Chul Min, Kim Roe Ha, Kim Won Hae, and Lee Chae Young featured in the episode titled “We Don’t Bite” on Radio Star.

On the show, the Radio Star hosts said to Lee Chae Young, “There are three notable sexy icons in the 1986 line – you, Clara, and Lee Tae Im. It feels like all three of you have perfect figures and faces.

Upon hearing the compliment, Lee Chae Young answered, “I saw both of them in real life before, and they are both tall and have beautiful bodies. They are wonderful.” 

She added, “To be honest, I think that the attention and love for being sexy will last for a maximum of three years. Appearance only gets you so far in this industry.

After the show, netizens dug up various photos of the three and noted their flawless figures. Many commented, “Their bodies are flawless,” “It’s great to see their photos,” “Same age and same beautiful bodies,” and more.

Source: Sports Chosun