Lee Guk Joo performs cover of AOA’s hit track, “Heart Attack”

Comedian Lee Guk Joo has created lots of laughs yet again, this time with a cover of AOA’s latest hit title track, “Heart Attack.”

At this year’s SBS Entertainment Awards, Lee Guk Joo took the stage with Hong Yoon Hwa and Park Ji Hyun. SBS uploaded the official video of the performance on their official Facebook with the tags “#LeeKwangSooHeartAttack #JungJinwoonHeartAttack #KimJongKookManyHeartAttacks.”

In the video, the three are seen in bright gold shirts and red skirts, both singing and dancing along to the track. The audience is seen enjoying the performance as well. In the middle of the performance, the three make their way to the front of the audience where Hong Yoon Hwa asks Lee Kwang Soo to pick her up. Later on, they stop in front of Jung Jinwoon and Park Ji Hyun asks him to kiss her hand.

Lee Guk Joo finishes it off by cuing the music one final time and changing the words to, “Kim Jong Kook, Heart Attack!” Watch the video below to see what happens next when Kim Jong Kook comes to the stage!

Check out Lee Guk Joo, Hong Yoon Hwa, and Park Ji Hyun’s cover of AOA’s hit track, “Heart Attack,” below!

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Posted by SBS on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Source: SBS Facebook