Lee Hi Perfectly Imitates BIGBANG’s Iconic Dance Moves For “Weekly Idol”

It seems like BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang” is a big hit even with fellow YG Entertainment artists as Lee Hi impresses her fans with her own version on Weekly Idol. 

Lee Hi was the guest of the May 25th episode of the program and impressed Defconn, Heechul and Hani with her up to par dancing. Participating in the “Random Play” game with a treat of sweets as her prize, Lee Hi was able to catch up dancing along to her own hit tracks “Rose,” “My Star,” “1,2,3,4” and other medleys.

Despite the number of times the production tried to confuse her with the rapid change in tracks and choreography, Lee Hi managed to keep up and even improvised with her own renditions. As a last trick, however, Weekly Idol played a medley of BIGBANG’s tracks starting with “Fantastic Baby” and “Bang Bang,” which earned an enthusiastic response from the singer.

Defconn, Heechul and Hani were further delighted by her incredibly mastery of the songs and earned all of the treats in the end.

Just recently, Lee Hi joined Akdong Musician for the karaoke version of the track.