Lee Hi performs live cover of The Beatles’ “Let it Be”

On December 30th, Lee Hi performed a soulful live performance of The Beatles’ “Let it Be” on SBS Healing Camp

Surrounded by a white winter background and wearing a bright red ensemble, the YG Entertainment singer performed her own rendition of The Beatles’ hit song. As she performed the song, Lee Hi displayed her impressive vocal abilities and strong control of her voice.

The singer performed the cover perfectly and showed impressive English pronunciation in the process. Members of the audience were moved by her performance, with many singing along and even several shedding tears.

The solo singer has been known for her vocal abilities, and only continues to make a statement as one of the industry’s best vocalists with her performance on Healing Camp. Don’t miss Lee Hi’s amazing performance! You can check out the singer’s rendition of The Beatles’s “Let it Be” in the video below: