Lee Hongki unveils photos from the set of “Modern Farmer”

After worrying fans with his vague posts on Instagram yesterday, Lee Hongki  updated his Instagram account with photos from the set of SBS drama Modern Farmer

On October 21st, Lee Hongki updated his Instagram account with photos of himself with fellow cast members on the set of Modern Farmer, displaying his close relationship with the cast. In one picture, he was seen with Lee Si un, while making a puffy facial expression, while his second update featured a candid, funny compilation with the rest of the cast.

Lee Hongki is currently starring in the SBS comedy Modern Farmer, which started airing on SBS last October 18th. He plays the role of Lee Minki, a member of the rock band, “Excellent Souls”, together with fellow bandmates played by Park Min Woo, Lee Si Un, Kwak Dong Yeon.

The posts gathered positive responses from his followers, expressing their support for Hongki and the drama itself. Check out the updates below!


이시언씨…몇살이세요??? #이시언 #모던파머

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#CubeCamera 으히히히히ㅣ

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오감독님 왈!! 가족이라서 서로다툼이많은것이다 그만큼 애정이다..이 말이 정답이길.. #모던파머 #오진석 #이홍기

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