Lee Hyori shares her bean harvesting experience on Jeju Island

Lee Hyori revealed her unique style as she readies for bean harvesting on Jeju Island. The sexy diva shared a new post blog including photos of her bean harvesting experience on October 24th with the title, “The Professional and the Amateur”.

The famous singer and entertainer recently moved to Jeju Island, an island in the Southern part of South Korea, after getting married to Lee Sang Soon, a singer-songwriter. Since then, she opened a blog and has been avidly blogging about her daily life, giving fans an insight into her newly married life.

In her latest post, she revealed herself in working clothes for the bean harvest. Wearing a hat to block the sun, a pair of boots, and a “hip chair”, Lee Hyori is all smiles in her photos.

She posts, “This is ‘the hips-chair’~ You put your legs between the bands and attach it to your hips so that you can sit down whenever, wherever you want! This is the essential ‘Hot Item’ in country side~ I bought one for me to get prepared for the long-day work.”

The diva adds, “I saw a grandma harvesting the beans without talking. Oh~ She was wearing an extraordinary hat and the ‘hips-chair’~ Her chair she made herself with an onion bag was torn away showing how hardworking she has been! All of a sudden I was ashamed of my brand new ‘hip-chair’, so after striking a pose I kept cutting the beans.” 

Fans reacted, “Unni~ Your post is so funny!”, “I love your new life in Jeju Island!”, and “Please keep posting what you are up to there”.

Source: TV Report



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