Lee Jong Suk concerned of losing his hair while filming for “Pinocchio”

Lee Jong Suk, model turned actor, shares his concern of using a wig for the filming of SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama series Pinocchio.

On November 6th, the cast and production staff of Pinocchio held a press conference at the SBS headquarter in Seoul. During the press interview, Lee Jong Suk revealed his struggle of using a bushy wig for his role and explained, “The messy wig is a different style when the character becomes an adult. Since I wear the wig for long hours, I noticed that my front falling out. I still use it for filming, and it is quite miserable. I appear much uglier than I have imagined. It is a kind of ugliness that cannot be expressed if another handsome actor took the role. I haven’t been able to transform yet. When I have other schedules, I feel quite awkward. It feels fresh and cool without the wig, but I am concerned with my hair falling out.”

The upcoming drama series Pinocchio is a story about a man who lives under a fake name and a woman who cannot lie. Lee Jong Suk plays the role of a local news reporter who has a special talent. In the meantime, check out 6 facts of Pinocchio Syndrome.

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Source: Newsen