Lee Jong Suk shows off his adorable aegyo on the streets of Los Angeles

Upon his arrival in Los Angeles, California, popular actor Lee Jong Suk uploads an image of himself doing aegyo.

On the morning of February 21st, actor Lee Jong Suk uploaded an image on Instagram where he sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee after his arrival in Los Angeles. With someone taking a photo of him, the actor quickly posed by holding up peace sign while puffing up his cheeks in a humorous manner.

Sitting cross legged in his ripped jeans, many fans brought their attention to Lee Jong Suk’s phone case. In his hand he was holding his phone which had a light blue casing and a rubber duck on the back.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk is currently preparing to continue with his Asian tour in March with fans in Taiwan and Shanghai.

큼.. 나름 LA 왔다고..좋다고..찍은 사진임.

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Source: OSEN