[★BREAKING] Lee Joon revealed to be dating non-celebrity for 2 years

Former MBLAQ member, Lee Joon, has been revealed to be dating a friend from school for 2 years now, just shortly after news broke that he had signed with entertainment company, Prain TBC.

According to entertainment insiders, Lee Joon has been dating his close friend since 2013. MBLAQ members knew of her existence but could not say anything detailed about his girlfriend since he was very careful when meeting her.

Recently, however, he has been showing up with his girlfriend in public settings when meeting close friends.

Earlier, Prain TPC revealed to media, “Lee Joon is an artist who has variety of endless potential. Prain TPC will try our best to let Lee Joon’s skill sets shine to his capabilities.”

Lee Joon made his debut in 2009 as member of the boy group MBLAQ. During the similar time of his debut as MBLAQ, he also made his acting debut by appearing in the Hollywood film “Ninja Assassin.”

Following his acting debut, he continuously pursued his acting career by appearing in Korean films and dramas which helped him prove that he was able to perform a variety of different roles. Last April, Lee Joon won the Rookie of the Year award as well as being nominated as the Best Supporting Actor in the annual Wildflower Film Awards which helped him secure a foothold in the acting industry.

Source: Sports Donga