Lee Joon talks about rumors of his leave from MBLAQ on “Mister Baek” press conference

In a recent press conference for upcoming MBC drama, Mister Baek, Lee Joon mentions recent reports of his possible departure from MBLAQ for the first time.

On November 3rd, Lee Joon participated in the press conference of Mister Baek, one of his first public commitments since the news about his leave from the group were reported. During the press conference, a question was aimed at Lee Joon, asking him about his leave from the group.

In response, Lee Joon stated, “Right now, there is nothing that is decided. It is true that the contract is reaching its expiration, but we are discussing right now. If a decision is reach, I would like to let you know but I don’t do SNS… It will probably be announced through the company or through another way. Till now, there has been no final decision made.”

Fans were recently shocked after news of Lee Joon’s possible withdrawal from the group following his contract expiration, along with Thunder‘s, were reported, leading to speculations of disbandments However, J.Tune Camp denied reports and revealed that they are still in discussion with all the members as the reported leave are not yet definite. The group will continue with their schedules as planned as they prepare for upcoming concert, Curtain Call.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon is currently included in the cast of Mister Baek. A drama about a 70 year old rich CEO who has all the money, status, and honor but accidentally becomes his 30 year old self. This comedy, romantic, fantasy drama will star Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Na Ra, Park Ye Jin, and Jung Su Kwon amongst others and will air its first episode on November 5th at 10pm.

Source: Newsen