Lee Jun Ki outs Kim So Eun’s greediness to kiss her other co-stars, Changmin and Lee Soo Hyuk

Actor Lee Jun Ki appeared with the main cast of the manhwa drama Scholar Who Walks The Night on a recent television interview, speaking on the kisses between himself and Kim So Eun.

Aired on July 12th, Lee Jun Ki (33), Kim So Eun (25), Changmin of TVXQ, Lee Yoo Bi, and Lee Soo Hyun appeared to discuss their newest drama.

In particular, this is Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Eun’s first reunion onscreen in nearly 10 years after the two appeared in a film together, Fly Daddy (2006). However at the time, their relationship was quite different and Kim So Eun stated she had called Lee Jun Ki with the honorific of samchon, or uncle, back then.

Now, the two actors have shared several kiss scenes for their new drama. Kim So Eun said, “Recently I’ve been kissing samchon.”

Lee Jun Ki then adds, “We’re tired of it [kissing each other.”

The actor then outs Kim So Eun, saying, “Kim So Eun has told me, ‘I also want to try kissing Changmin and Soo Hyuk oppa.’ She’s a greedy woman.”

Source: Daily Ahn