Lee Jun Ki unveils cover art for upcoming mini-album, “Exhale”

Actor Lee Jun Ki will be making a long-awaited comeback by releasing his new mini-album Exhale. The cover art for the upcoming mini-album has been revealed as well.

On October 29th, Lee Jun Ki’s company Namoo Actors confirmed the release of his mini-album Exhale by unveiling the album art. The mini-album will bring Lee Jun Ki’s soft voice in harmony with melodic songs. Since Lee Jun Ki is renowned as an actor, this album is set to greatly interest the audience as they can see the actor develop musically.

The album cover shows an icy Lee Jun Ki exhaling red breath, showing the refreshing concept of the album. The artistic integration of colors and Lee Jun Ki’s figure adds even more flavor to the image’s aesthetics.

The new album includes songs of various genres including R&B and hip hop, with restless participation of the singer himself in most songs. The company associate has stated that “Lee Jun Ki spent day and night trying to complete this album, and his passion for his fans is great. It was so nice to see a star caring for his followers.”

Lee Jun Ki recently finished his part in the drama Joseon Gunman with praise and applause.

The album will be released on November 21st in Korea and Japan. Stay tuned for more information about Lee Jun Ki.

Source: My Daily