Lee Jung Hyun reinvents her famous “Wa” outfits for “Infinite Challenge”

Netizens express their surprise for Lee Jung Hyun’s unchanging beauty as they post comparison photos of her in 1999 and 2014. 

On December 20th, Lee Jung Hyun was featured in the first part broadcast of Infinite Challenge “Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (TOTOGA)” episode, where she was invited to perform her hit track from the 90s.

However, as the program brought back popular songs and trends from the past, the show’s viewers managed to find old concept photos of Lee Jung Hyun and compared it to her recent stills for the episode. The result was a comparative photo of her back in 1999 wearing a long blue attire, black hair and red fan and the reinterpretation of the same concept today.

The style and concept was part of her promotions for “Wa” back in 1999 which she reinterpreted during Infinite Challenge’s concert on December 18th.

The full episode will be aired on December 27th along with performances by S.E.S, Jinusean, Turbo, Cool and more.

Source: TheFact