Lee Jung Jae compliments BoA’s acting in “Big Match”

On November 22nd, veteran actor Lee Jung Jae conducted an interview with MBN Star and discussed his experience filming Big Match with superstar BoA!

When Lee Jung Jae was asked which star he felt most in sync with during the filming, the star answered BoA without a moment of hesitation. He commented, “I think I was most in sync with BoA because our roles had a lot of interaction and we spent much time working together. On set, I always monitor the scenes and other actors and staff always agreed that BoA could make a career out of acting if she wanted.

When asked about other actors, Lee Jung Jae mentioned that he is keeping an eye on BIGBANG’s T.O.P and JYJ’s Park Yoochun. He stated, “In my mind, Park Yoochun has always been a singer more than an actor, but his acting in Haemoo took me by surprise.

The movie Big Match is set to hit the theaters on the November 27th.

Source: MBN Star