Lee Kwang Soo Has The Best Reaction To Song Ji Hyo’s “Aegyo”

A charming reaction from actress Song Ji Hyo has gone wrong, all thanks to her onscreen sibling, Lee Kwang Soo. 

A capture from an episode of SBS Running Man has gone viral amongst fans as it portrayed Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo’s sibling-like behaviour at its best.

In the said episode, Song Ji Hyo was tasked act to cute and do an “aegyo,” to which she adorably complied by doing mimicking childlike gestures whilst sat on the snow. Unable to tolerate the cuteness, however, Lee Kwang Soo can be seen exploding, kicking the actress towards the ground, leaving the rest of the cast members to control him.

Fans of the program cannot help but be entertained towards the outburst as it realistically depict what it was like for a brother to see his sister do an “aegyo.”

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Source: Instiz