Lee Kwang Soo showered with praise for his acting in “Puck!”

Lee Kwang Soo might be best known as a cast member of SBS‘s Running Man, but he’s proven once again that he’s also a great actor as well. 

After receiving a lot of praise for his acting on SBS hit drama It’s Okay, That’s Love in 2014, Lee Kwang Soo elected to play the lead role in SBS’s one-act play, “Puck!”

The one-act play is based off a novel of the same name, and focuses on a young student who finds hope after taking up ice hockey upon entering university. After watching the play, netizens have showered the actor with praise, with many commenting that his hard work really shows in his acting.

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[+ 618, – 29] I love Lee Kwang Soo he tries his best even if that means he looks bad. There’s a reason Yoo Jae Suk likes some one and it’s evident on Running Man

[+ 413, – 14] They referred to him as the Asian Prince yesterday on the drama awards ㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 306, – 15] Why do I feel good when Kwang Soo is complimented ㅋㅋㅋ It’s not like I’m his fan or anything.

Source: TV Report