Lee Kyu Han shares hilarious parody IU’s “A Flower Bookmark” concept photo

Actor Lee Kyu Han‘s level of cuteness has completely maxed out in his latest photo, parodying an old concept photo by IU.

In the photo, Lee Kyu Han is sitting on a stool with legs crossed, posing similarly and putting on the same adorable expression as IU in her concept photo from her remake mini-album A Flower Bookmark. 

Netizens applauded and were greatly amused at Lee Kyu Han’s parody photo for being on-point, right down to taking the image at the same bookstore. They said, “Lee Kyu Han is really cute doing this,” “Kyu Han oppa, the Nation’s Uncle,” and “Kyu Han and IU look like long-lost siblings.”

The actor is currently in the spotlight for his appearance in MBC‘s Real Men 2 and KBS‘s Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education.

Source: TV Report