[★VIDEO] Lee Min Ho talks about the bed scene for “Gangnam 1970”

Lee Min Ho remarks that the bed scene in Gangnam 1970 has a “beastly charm” during the film’s recent press conference. Are you excited to watch the movie already?

On December 12th, Gangnam 1970 held its press conference for its premiere, at CGV in Apgujeong, Seoul. Director Yoo Ha, Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, and Jung Jing Young were present at the scene. The most remarkable comment was when Kim Rae Won brought up the bed scene in Gangnam 1970. 

Lee Min Ho humorously commented, “The movie is intended for adults only, because of Kim Rae Won’s bed scene. Honestly, even though I am a guy, I thought he has was sexy and had beastly charm. My scene is PG-13.”  

The netizens soon became curious of Kim Rae Won’s bed scene and commented, “I’m so curious,” “Can’t wait to see Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho together,” “How sexy was Kim Rae Won for the scene?”, and many more positive reflections.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated film Gangnam 1970 is set to release on January 21st next year.

Source: The Star