Lee Min Ho involved in a lawsuit to protect his publicity

Lee Min Ho has been revealed to be involved in a lawsuit in order to protect his public image and for companies to stop selling the likeness of him.

According court officials, Lee Min Ho requested the Seoul Central Court to prohibit the sales of “Lee Min Ho’s Horse Oil Pack” on June 5th, 2015.

Lee Min Ho’s side has requested that four companies currently selling said product to immediately stop their sales. The product is a facial pack that includes horse oil as one of its substance and has a picture of Lee Min Ho from the drama “Faith“. Lee Min Ho’s side has revealed that the image was used without his consent.

The product “Lee Min Ho Horse Oil Pack” is not only popular in Korea but is also being exported to other countries thanks to his popularity.

It has been revealed that the production company behind the drama “Faith” gave permission to the creators of the mask pack to use Lee Min Ho’s image without the consent from Lee Min Ho or his company.

The production company “Faith Culture Company” is a special form of company that was created specifically for the drama “Faith”.

Source: Star News