Lee Seung Gi to make a comeback as a singer

It has been revealed that actor and singer Lee Seung Gi is currently recording a new album to make a comeback as a singer this year.

He revealed during an interview on January 15th that he will be returning with his first album since his mini album Forrest released in November 2012. As long as his break has been from the music scene, Lee Seung Gi has been working hard since last year on his new album.

He revealed, “I liked Kim Dong Ryul as a singer before, and we began working on my album after I was introduced to him last year. My work on my album was delayed a bit due to my drama and movie filming, but we started recording recently. The album will probably be released in March.”

Lee Seung Gi stated “Turn Back,” the title song of his mini album Forrest, as the turning point in his music career because “a lot of females really liked the song. From then, it became my goal to release songs that females like and this album will be songs that females would like to listen to as well.” He was confident in asking people to hold high expectations of his upcoming album.

Lee Seung Gi’s mentor Lee Sun Hee will also be participating in the production of the upcoming album as the vocal director. Regarding this, Lee Seung Gi stated, “My teacher Lee Sun Hee has always been at my side, controlling my music career. The song writer does oversee the vocal directing, but there is no one that knows me as well as Lee Sun Hee does, so she is always by the song writer’s side to assist with the vocal directing.

Lee Seung Gi will be making his comeback after a two year and four month hiatus as a singer this coming March.

Source: News1