Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim So Eun confirmed to join cast of “The Scholar Who Walks The Night”

Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim So Eun have been confirmed to join casting for the upcoming MBC drama The Scholar Who Walks The Night along with Lee Junki, Lee Yoo Bi, and Shim Changmin.

On May 11th, Lee Soo Hyuk’s agency Star J Entertainment and Kim So Eun’s agency FANTAGIO confirmed that the two will be starring in the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday vampire drama series, The Scholar Who Walks The Night. 

The fantasy-melodrama depicts a love story of a charming vampire scholar taken over by Lee Junki, and is set with five main starring celebrities, including Lee Yoo Bi and Changmin of TVXQ.

Lee Soo Hyuk will transform into an evil vampire character named Gwi, who entices people with his charming looks. Kim So Eun will act as the selfless character Lee Myeong Hee, who sacrifices her own life for her vampire transformed boyfriend Kim Sung Ryeol as well as the lady of an aristocrat family Choi Hye Ryeong.

The production team mentioned, “Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim So Eun have been finalized as characters that will add suspense to the drama. Their characters are pivotal roles for the unfolding of the plot. As hard as we are preparing, please look forward and support our drama with much love.”

In the meantime, The Scholar Who Walks The Night is set to air its pilot episode in June.

Source: StarN Hankyung